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Director of Corporate and Community Development

Posted September 21, 2022

Midway ISD
Location: Woodway, TX
Reports to: Superintendent
Salary Range: $87,198-$125,477

Primary Purpose:
Responsible for the planning, direction, development, administration, supervision, and implementation of a comprehensive internal and external development program that will complement and provide financial assistance to the Midway Independent School District Education Foundation and the Midway Independent School District.

Bachelor’s degree required, in education, marketing, business administration, communication, nonprofit management or appropriate field with comprehensive fund raising experience in a management position; master’s degree preferred.

Major Responsibilities and Duties

Education Foundation Board / Director Relations

  • Coordinates all meetings and functions of the Education Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Assists the Board of Directors in development of a master plan and monitors progress of both short and long-term goals.
  • Plans to actively involve members of the Midway Education Foundation Board of Directors.

Financial Management

  • Directs development program to cultivate, motivate, and solicit individual, foundation, and corporate donors which includes the development and maintenance of a computerized system of donor information and reports on trends.
  • Coordinates Foundation grant applications for funds from private-sector resources.
  • Administers, supervises, and evaluates all Foundation grants and grant activities.
  • Assists in preparing the Education Foundation’s annual budget.
  • Supervises, directs, and/or performs clerical details necessary to the operation of the Foundation and the grants as funds are received.

Communication / Public Relations

  • Plans, directs, and supervises the preparation and production of all Education Foundation publications and development and maintenance of all mailing lists and audiovisual productions.
  • Provides advice, counsel, and general departmental support to all volunteer organizations and committees regarding communications, operations, and development.
  • Serves as official representative and spokesperson for the Foundation.
  • Maintains membership and represents the Foundation and district in appropriate professional groups, organizations, associations, and community service clubs.
  • Provides community awareness programs through presentations to clubs and organizations, publications, and special programs.
  • Plans, directs and supervises implementation of the Foundation’s internal and external public relations program.
  • Responsible for development of effective media relations.
  • Serves as administrative liaison between the Foundation and the Midway Independent School District.
  • Coordinates Foundation affairs with existing school/community partnership programs.
  • Demonstrates use of appropriate and effective techniques to encourage community and parent involvement (i.e. volunteer programs).

Professional Development

  • Maintains current knowledge of developments and practices in fund raising, planned giving, and tax laws related to charitable giving (to include annual giving, annuities, grants, memorials, and tributes).
  • Provides staff development opportunities to develop grant writing skills.

Development / Planning

  • Recommends and institutes programs and projects on predetermined timetables.
  • Investigates and determines the adaptability of successful fund raising programs of other voluntary non-profit organizations.
  • Implements an effective system of cultivating, soliciting and stewarding donors to the Education Foundation and the district.
  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent and Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Student and Staff Recognition

  • Plans and directs academic recognition events each year.
  • Develops and directs other student academic recognition programs including but not limited to the academic letter jacket program, National Merit Scholars and Spirit of Midway award.
  • Supervises the selection and recognition for district-wide teacher scholarship programs.

Corporate and Community Development

  • Provides support for the Alumni Network as they plan and implement activities for former students.
  • Maintains current address database for all Midway former students.
  • Collects information about upcoming reunions for graduates and publicizes events in various media.
  • Collaborates within the community to encourage beneficial relationships for Midway ISD students and staff.
  • Develops, monitors, and maintains effective relationships with area businesses and community organization on behalf of Midway ISD and the Foundation.
  • Serves as a liaison between schools and the community in promoting donations and partnerships.
  • Serves as a liaison between the school district and campus PTA organizations.
  • Coordinates fundraising activities and business promotions to ensure that they comply with district policy and state laws.
  • Meets with potential donors to advise best ways to support Midway ISD through partnerships, annual gifts, and planned gifts.

Fundraising Management

  • Maintains current knowledge of developments, innovations, practices and regulations regarding fundraising activities within the district.
  • Creates and maintains a database of current fundraisers within the district not related to the foundation.
  • Maintains relationships with and fields inquiries from third party fundraising vendors
  • Manages and oversees fundraising for the Hunger Free Program for Midway ISD.
  • Work with campus and parent-led organizations to ensure that all federal and state laws regarding fundraising and nonprofit corporation compliance are being followed.

Student Scholarships

  • Serve as a liaison between the district, the high school and scholarship donors to oversee the management and payout of existing district –managed scholarship funds.
  • Advises potential donors on ways to best support Midway students.

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