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Welcome to the National Association of Education Foundation’s (NAEF) website. We are pleased that you are here. The theme of this year will be infrastructure and you are witnessing a historic build of our association and our school foundation industry.  I am proud to lead this organization at this defining moment! We have transitioned the membership of our beloved National School Foundation Association (NSFA) to this new organization giving us the framework for growth and advocacy for our association members. The NSFA organization has now become our philanthropic foundation giving us the ability to raise funds and grants without crippling our advocacy and professional development work. 

At the NAEF our mission is to develop and advocate for education foundations across the United States and Canada. The words are simple but it represents so much. In my 18 years as a school foundation director, I have oftentimes found myself on an island in my community with no one really understanding my unique, yet critical role bridging community investment for the benefit of our students. It is the aim of the NAEF to offer advocacy for our industry and professional growth via trainings, coursework, and standards that raise us all up.  The NAEF will also strive to connect our members together because we all know that the intangible reward experienced in the relationships with our peers creates an even deeper value.  To this end, I want you to know that this is Your Association.  Associations are only as strong as their members and we need you to own and share our story, your story.  I welcome your questions, musings, and just “do you have a minute,” calls.  Together we are better!

Traci Skalberg, CEFL, CFRM, NAEF Chair

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