To foster excellence, we must meet foundations where they are now to help them reach a new level of excellence in the future. This document is a synthesis of our collaborative proven experiences, vision, and approaches to provide our country’s public education foundations with a clear pathway to success. 

Across the United States, millions of students in thousands of school districts experience significantly greater educational opportunities through the work of their local education foundation.

Our public/private partnerships strengthen education systems and require ethics, solid principles, and a clear vision to balance the diverse needs of our community. Partnering with our education systems and communities to secure resources maximizes the impact of a student's education.

While standards and guidelines are established for nonprofits and their leaders, each nonprofit sector is unique. Therefore, it’s up to us to collectively establish and model principles so our colleagues across the education foundation continuum can thrive in a rapidly changing world. We, in turn, can help education systems, educators, administrators, students, parents, and communities thrive together.

The Fundamentals of Principles Include:

  • Transparency & Purpose
  • Fund Development & Gift Stewardship
  • Legal Governance & Organizational Development
  • Programs
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